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Welcome to Full Fibre Solutions.

In the ever-evolving world of telecommunications, Full Fibre Solutions stand out for both our extensive experience and forward-thinking approach as fibre optic specialists and technicians.

Drawing on our founders' 40+ years of combined experience, the Full Fibre Solutions team have carried out installations, splicing, testing and maintenance from Scotland to mainland Europe and everywhere in between.

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Your Trusted Partner for all your Fibre Optic needs

While Full Fibre Solutions was founded in 2019, our expertise in fibre optics stretches much further back.

Founders Lee Oliver and Daniel Ingham started their careers as fibre optic specialists and technicians in 1998. They crossed paths on numerous contracts for a range of clients across the continent, and recognising their shared passion and extensive experience established Full Fibre Solutions in 2019.

This extensive experience gives us a unique perspective as fibre optic specialists – We've seen the developments and trends in the industry from both a technicians' perspective and a managerial perspective, which informs everything from our choice of equipment to our interactions with stakeholders.

With an industry reputation for excellence and successful contracts with numerous tier one telecom companies under our belt, Full Fibre Solutions can confidently tackle all your fibre optic needs.

Building the Future of Connectivity

Our team of expert fibre optic specialists and technicians possess both the qualifications and hard-won experience to handle all manner of fibre optic projects, ensure a seamless and futureproofed infrastructure for your network:

Icon fibre optic installationFibre Optic Installations

We design and install robust fibre optic cabling solutions to meet your specific needs, be they long-distance deployments, short-distance cabling or meticulous patching for efficient routing.



Icon fibre optic splicing Fibre Optic       Splicing

Full Fibre Solutions' technicians are experts in single-mode, multi-mode and ribbon splicing alike, all tailorable to your network's needs.



Icon fibre optic testing Fibre Optic         Testing

Ensuring optimal network performance requires rigorous testing procedures.  Our team offers a variety of fibre optic testing services to verify the integrity and functionality of your network. 








Avoid disruptive downtime with our emergency solutions

Full Fibre Solutions offer 24/7 emergency fibre optic repairs across the Northwest, and can get a qualified technician to your location within 3 hours.

Just call 07901 793 847

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Why partner with Full Fibre Solutions?

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Our Unmatched Expertise

Between our founder's combined decades of experienced, skilled ground team of technicians and dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, Full Fibre Solutions can deliver the most innovative and altogether effective solutions for your projects.

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Our Track Record of Excellence

Since our foundation in 2019, we have built a reputation for both exceptional service and exceptional results. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations, and this has translated into most of our business being referrals from satisfied clients.

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Our Scalable Solutions

We understand that your network solutions are constantly evolving, and therefore offer scalable solutions to adapt to your growing needs. Whether you require small-scale installations or are in the planning stages of a large-scale network expansion, we can confidently handle projects of any size or complexity.






Some of our clients include

JSM - EU Networks 


Data centre to data centre fibre links

Data centre to customer fibre links

Data centre fibre terminations

Business fibre terminations

PMD testing


(Fibre cabling, fibre blowing, splicing and testing)

VM (Virgin Media) 

FTTH – Heysham, Crewe, Sandbach, Rossendale

FTTP - Business Installs

Ribbon trunk install from Liverpool to Knowsley

LLFN roll out in greater Manchester – involved installing fibre into all greater Manchester council offices and buildings.

(Included subduct installation, fibre blowing 4f to 864f, splicing and testing)

Splice Group 

Data centre fibre installs in

EE, Vodafone, VM02, CityFibre, HBOS, AstraZenica

(Fibre cabling, splicing, testing & patching)


FTTH installs in Preston, Blackpool, Chester, Blackburn and Huddersfield

(Included subduct installation, fibre blowing 4f to 864f, splicing and testing)

Huber & Suhner 

Data centre fibre installs in the below companies

EE, O2, Virgin Media

(Fibre cabling, splicing, testing & patching)


Network Rail 





FTTH Installs

FTTP Business installs






Where do we serve?

While our head office is in Bolton and our emergency response service is available within 3 hours of the address below, we are able to carry out fibre optic projects across the breadth of the United Kingdom continental Europe.

 Unit 58, Flexspace


   BL3 2NZ