Rapid responses to disruptions and downtime

Full Fibre Solutions understand the critical nature of uptime in the telecommunications and network industries, with even a minor fibre optic break severely disrupting service for your customers and potentially causing significant financial losses.

With this in mind, we're proud to offer 24/7 emergency fibre optic repairs throughout the Northwest of England. Our dedicated callout rota means that we can dispatch a technician to your location within 3 hours.


24/7 Support is at hand

Contact us at 07901 793847 in the event of a fibre optic emergency.

The Full Fibre Solutions team is fully equipped and trained to handle a wide range of fibre optic emergencies, from diagnosing breaks to performing on-location repairs.

In situations where a break occurs outside our immediate service area, we are able to leverage our network to connect you with a qualified local provider who can assist. This positions us as a valuable backup option in circumstances where your network's internal resources or technicians are indisposed or unavailable.