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Building the backbone of your network

A reliable and high-performance network starts with a flawless fibre optic installation.

With over 40 years of experience, a proven track record with diverse projects across the UK & Europe and a range of state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, Full Fibre Solutions have proudly played a key role in laying the groundwork for network expansions for major tier-one telecom companies. Our delicate touch and unmatched expertise ensure a minimally-disruptive high-quality installation that meets even the most demanding requirements.






What fibre optic and data cabling installations do we offer?

Data Cabling

Data cabling installations encompass a wide range, from delicate fibre optic cables to robust configurations. Whether you require intricate 4-fiber deployments for or extensive 216-fiber installations, our team of highly qualified technicians possesses the in-depth knowledge and experience to handle any project with precision and efficiency.

Fibre Blowing

A modern approach to fibre optic and data cabling installations, fibre blowing is well-suited to long distance deployments as it eliminates the need for the extensive excavation normally associated with cable laying. An ideal solution where traditional trenching methods are undesirable or impractical.

Fibre Patching

A cornerstone of a flexible network, patching allows our technicians to route a specific circuit along a designated path, allowing for the modification of network connections without the need for major rewiring and simplifying troubleshooting should any issues arise.






What's the process for booking our services?


Every network project is unique, which necessitates a collaborative approach. Our services start with an in-depth discussion of the scope of your project, the location and the estimated length of time required. Whether it's a one-time installation or a component of a major project, we'll work closely with you to identify your goals and tailor our services accordingly.


Following our consultation, Full Fibre Solutions will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all associated costs for the project. This includes labour costs, equipment sourcing, material costs and any other considerations, giving you a clear understanding of the investment involved.


We will work alongside you to determine an installation timeframe that aligns with your project timeline and minimises disruption. The specifics will be influenced by your particular requirements, such as the length of cabling, the type of cabling, the desired route and any logistical considerations.

Support Services

Our commitment extends beyond our team of fibre optic specialists. We offer a full suite of ongoing support services, including fibre optic testing, splicing expertise and emergency assistance. Full Fibre Solutions are more than fibre optic installers – We are your reliable partners, dedicated to ensuring the long-term success and reliable operation of your network.







Take control of your network's performance

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What data cabling does your project need?

Full Fibre Solutions are skilled at installing (Through both manual pulling or blowing) a wide range of data cabling types, from the minute 4f all the way up to the 432f. No matter the scale of your installation needs, we have the hard-won expertise needed to ensure a reliable first-time installation.

 4F to 12F

These cables are typically used for shorter distances and less demanding applications, such as home or small business networks.

 24F to 72F

Commonly used in medium-sized networks and applications requiring moderate bandwidth.


 96F to 144F

Often found in larger network backbones, providing higher capacity and reliability.

 192F to 288F

Suitable for large-scale network infrastructures, including metropolitan and regional networks.


Used in very large network deployments, such as major telecom networks, data centres, and long-haul transmission systems.





 Frequently asked questions about our data cabling installations


 What will be discussed during the initial consultation?

We will primarily cover matters such as the existing infrastructure, bandwidth requirements, future scalability, regulatory compliance, potential environmental impact, the cost analysis and any project management needs.

How do you ensure minimal disruption to existing services during a large-scale installation?

Our team of fibre optic specialists make use of detailed planning and phased development strategies such as nighttime or off-peak hour work, redundant network setups and temporary rerouting.

 What solutions do you offer for integrating new fibre optic networks with legacy systems?

We provide comprehensive integration solutions including media converters, multiplexers, and hybrid cable setups. Our team ensures seamless interoperability between new fibre optic infrastructure and existing copper or coaxial systems.

What kind of support and maintenance services do you provide post-installation?

We offer comprehensive support including 24/7 emergency support, thorough testing and splicing. Our maintenance contracts are designed to ensure long-term reliability and performance.