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Optimise network efficiency with precision testing

Once installed, it is crucial that fibre optic be regularly tested for performance and reliability.

More than providing simple peace of mind that your investment is functioning as it should, fibre optic testing helps identify potential issues like signal loss, breaks in the cable or more troublesome connection problems before they can disrupt services. Full Fibre Solutions' 25+ years of experience in maintaining fibre optic networks, team of experienced engineers and state-of-the-art equipment ensures a hassle-free testing process from start to finish.






What types of fibre optic testing do we offer?

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) 

A powerful tool for evaluating the health of fibre optic cables, OTDR sends a pulse of light down the fibre cabling itself and analyses reflecting light to measure key parameters, including cable length, fibre breaks and signal attenuation.

Insertion Loss Measurement (ILM)

While ODTR testing measures issues across the entire length of a fibre optic cable, ILM measures the differences between the input and output of a specific connection. This ensures that all connections meet industry standards for low insertion loss and optimise signal transmission performance.

Polarisation Mode Dispersion/Chromatic Dispersion Testing (PMD/CD) 

These methods are used to target and measure specific types of signal distortion, making it a crucial testing measure for high-bandwidth applications or long-distance transmissions.





What's the process for booking our services?


Every network project is unique, which necessitates a collaborative approach. Our services start with an in-depth discussion of the scope of your project, the location and the estimated length of time required. Whether it's a one-time installation or a component of a major project, we'll work closely with you to identify your goals and tailor our services accordingly.


Following our consultation, Full Fibre Solutions will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all associated costs for the project. This includes labour costs, equipment sourcing, material costs and any other considerations, giving you a clear understanding of the investment involved.


We will work alongside you to determine an installation timeframe that aligns with your project timeline and minimises disruption. The specifics will be influenced by your particular requirements, such as the length of cabling, the type of cabling, the desired route and any logistical considerations.

Support Services

Our commitment extends beyond our team of fibre optic specialists. We offer a full suite of ongoing support services, including fibre optic testing, splicing expertise and emergency assistance. Full Fibre Solutions are more than fibre optic installers – We are your reliable partners, dedicated to ensuring the long-term success and reliable operation of your network.







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Frequently Asked Questions about Fibre Optic Testing

How often do fibre optic tests need to be carried out?

This largely hinges on the criticality of the network and the environment where the cables are installed. Full Fibre Solutions generally recommend that testing is carried out:

Following an initial fibre installation

Periodically as a preventative maintenance measure

Following substantial construction works near cabling

Following any standard remedial repairs or modifications to the fibre optic cable


What are the benefits of using a professional fibre optic testing service?

A professional testing services grants access to seasoned technicians, who possess in-depth knowledge of fibre optic systems and the complexities of testing methodologies.

Do Full Fibre Solutions offer reports following fibre optic testing?

Yes – Following a test, our technicians' findings will be compiled into a comprehensive report that outlines the test results, potential issues and prioritised corrective actions. These help in documenting the condition of the cabling, and can be used for future reference and maintenance planning.


Can Full Fibre Solutions test both single-mode and multi-mode fibre optic cables?

Yes – Our fibre optic specialists and installers possess both the practical knowledge and equipment to carry out fibre optic tests on both types of cables.