Futureproofing Your Fibre Optic Network



Fibre optic technology revolutionised the world of data transmission and all but rendered traditional copper cabling obsolete.

However, over 30 years have passed since the initial adoption of fibre optic cabling. As the world becomes more connected and new technologies emerge, telecommunication companies cannot afford to rest on their laurels and trust their existing fibre optic network to remain cutting-edge forever.

Informed by our team's decades of experience in the industry, and the trends we have seen come and go in that time, this blog post will explore all the ways that your fibre optic network can be futureproofed for maximum efficiency and adaptability in the years to come.

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Living in 2024 means living in a veritable ocean of data


Modern technologies like virtual reality, the Internet of Things and cloud computing couldn't have been anticipated back in the early 1990s, and are becoming increasingly embedded into both business operations and day-to-day life.

All three technologies, however, are data guzzlers that constantly demand new bandwidth. Futureproofing your network means anticipating this data surge and scaling your capability to accommodate it.


Fibre Optic Technology is far from static

Fibre optic may not be conducive to exponential growth like computing power, but it's far from static.

New advancements like higher core count tables capable of transmitting more data simultaneously and improved laser technology are emerging all the time. A futureproofed network embraces and adopts these advancements as they come, being designed with flexibility in mind.




What does it mean to have a futureproofed fibre optic network?

A futureproofed network doesn't just meet your current needs, it thinks ahead. Consider potential future growth and applications that may demand increased bandwidth.

  • Making a bit of extra conduit space during the initial network installation provides the flexibility to add more cables in the future with comparatively little effort. This eliminates the costly and disruptive process of trenching down the line.
  • If possible, look to fibre optic cables with a higher core count than your needs currently demand. This provides both built-in redundancy and gives you're the ability to scale bandwidth capacity seamlessly in the future.
  • Consider the types of upgrades your network may require in the future, and choose a cale type that's compatible with these advancements to avoid costly cable replacements down the line.


What are the benefits of maintaining a futureproofed network?

Planning a futureproofed fibre optic network isn't an additional expense – It's a strategic investment in your network.

  • A futureproofed fibre optic network is built with scalability built-in. You're essentially investing in a network that grows organically alongside your business, eliminating the need for expensive overhauls in the future.
  • Beyond cost savings, a futureproofed network translates into a smoother and more efficient operation for your customers, such as faster file transfers, quicker application loading times and reduced downtime.
  • Knowing your network is built to handle future growth and adapt to evolving technologies ensures your network remains competitive.

Building for tomorrow, today

Interested in investing in a futureproofed fibre optic network? Full Fibre Solutions are here to assist.

Our team of experienced fibre optic designers and technicians boast combined decades in the industry and a comprehensive set of services. From experts splicing to preventative testing, we'll work closely with you to understand your specific needs and crat a futureproofed solution that empowers your network to thrive in this ever-evolving digital world.